/spɔt / (say spawt)

1. an activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, usually requiring some degree of physical prowess, as hunting, fishing, racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, etc.
2. a particular form of such activity.
3. sporting activity: to be good at sport.
4. (plural) a meeting for athletic competition.
5. the pastime of hunting, shooting, or fishing with reference to the pleasure achieved: we had good sport today.
6. diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.
7. playful trifling, jesting, or mirth: to do or say a thing in sport.
8. derisive jesting; ridicule.
9. an object of derision; a laughing-stock.
10. something sported with or tossed about like a plaything: to be the sport of circumstances.
11. Colloquial (a term of address, usually between males): g'day, sport.
12. Colloquial someone who is interested in pursuits involving betting or gambling.
13. Biology an animal or a plant, or a part of a plant, that shows an unusual or singular deviation from the normal or parent type; a mutation.
14. Obsolete amorous dalliance.
verb (i)
15. to amuse oneself with some pleasant pastime or recreation.
16. to play, frolic, or gambol, as a child or an animal.
17. to engage in some open-air or athletic pastime or sport.
18. to deal lightly; trifle.
19. to ridicule.
20. Botany to mutate.
21. Obsolete to trifle playfully.
verb (t)
22. to have or wear, especially ostentatiously, proudly, etc.: he sported a black eye and a broken nose; she sported a large red hat.
23. Colloquial to display freely or with ostentation: to sport a roll of money.
24. Obsolete to pass (time) in amusement or sport.
25. Also, sport away. Obsolete to spend or squander recklessly or lightly.
26. a bad sport, Colloquial
a. a person who exhibits despised qualities in playing sport, such as cheating or the inability to lose graciously, etc.
b. a person who is ill-natured and irritable.
27. a good sport, Colloquial
a. a person who exhibits esteemed qualities in playing sport, such as fairness or the ability to lose graciously, etc.
b. a person who is good-natured and easygoing.
28. be a sport, Colloquial
a. to play fair.
b. to accede to a request; be agreeable: *Would you be a sport, Fred? Lift the rear end of his car up? –les a. murray, 1998.
29. sport with, to make fun of in a way that is hurtful or mocking.
{Middle English sporte; aphetic variant of disport}
sporter, noun
sportful, adjective
sportfully, adverb
sportfulness, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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